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I have been involved in sports, athletics, and health & fitness my entire life. I have power lifted and competed in body building. I have even gone as far as completely letting myself go just ​so I could better relate to the client who struggles to get started and climb the ladder of success. I have trained all types of people including professional body builders, extremely overweight people, mma fighters, and people who just want to lose some weight. I created The Sanctuary Gym to be a safe haven, a safe place of refuge. The Sanctuary Gym is a place where you can free your mind of the chaos in your life so you can strengthen your mind, body, and soul. There is only Christian music played in the gym. Come join me at The Sanctuary Gym and experience your faith meeting your fitness.


IFBB Pro  

2x World Champion

Jiujitsu Competitor



My overall goal is to change lives & improve the quality of those lives through health, fitness & balance. This will require a dynamic IMPACT and impact is my specialty. I am going to IMPACT your life both physically & mentally in order to create the changes that must happen to reach our goals. In order to have a successful transition to a healthier life I believe you have to work on the inside just as much as you work on the outside & that's exactly what we will do together. 

           Nutrition Consulting    -    Weightloss    

     Body Transformation    -    Body fat Management

 Strength and Conditioning   -    Sport Specific Movement



The hardest part of any fitness journey is making the decision to begin. The next step is determining EXACTLY what your goals are. I believe that exercise can be fun, innovative, exciting, & can ultimately help improve your overall quality of life. But as we all know, the completion of any journey requires planning. The best method of reaching any fitness goal is plotting out a course of action to get from point A (your starting point) to point B (your desired outcome). Together, we can apply the science to help you reach your goals.

             9+ Years in the fitness industry                           former army ranger

               Kinesiology Undergrad                                 cpr/aed/first aid certified

                           National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT

                         Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu &  Muay Thai

Lindsey Phillips

Certified Personal Trainer

While being a mom to 4, I have always been "into" fitness, but it was around 2015, that I realized there was more for me in the fitness and health world than going for a 2-3 mile run. A daily gym routine became a passion of mine and it wasn't something I was going to let go of because a career got in my way. Then it​ hit me, why not make my passion my career and something I could do everyday to help others change their lives as well. All my life I have been one to want to motivate and lift others up in a positive way and what better way to help people have a better way of living than through health and fitness. It is said that if you have a talent you shouldn't hide it as it will be taken from you. So now, here I am to share my talent with the world one workout at a time. Lets build a program for you that is specific to your needs and goals.

Dana Archuleta

Certified Personal Trainer

I first became interested in health and fitness when I got tired of being overweight. I knew nothing about losing weight and getting into shape, so I did what the majority of people think to do; I severely restricted calories and only did cardio. After years of le​arning the right way to be healthy and fit, I decided to turn my passion into a career so I could help others just like myself. I know what it feels like to reach that breaking point and I know how hard the path to being healthy and fit may seem, but I promise you, together we can achieve your goals and have fun along the way! Let’s get started!

Sydney Knight-Lagrone

Certified Personal Trainer

I'm so excited to be part of the Sanctuary family! Someone once said that "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations", and I couldn't agree more. I had major spine surgery at age 14, and through personal training began to not only condition myself back to health, but also began forming a dedication to health and fitness that I still have today. I can't wait to help you meet any goal that you may have for either your general health or your body. I'm here to be an asset to you and to make sure you achieve the results you desire. I am strong in both faith and motivation, and through this you can accomplish anything.