I have been involved in sports, athletics, and health & fitness my entire life. I have power lifted and competed in body building. I have even gone as far as completely letting myself go just so I could better relate to the client who struggles to get started and climb the ladder of success. I have trained all types of people including professional body builders, extremely overweight people, mma fighters, and people who just want to lose some weight. I created The Sanctuary Gym to be a safe haven, a safe place of refuge. The Sanctuary Gym is a place where you can free your mind of the chaos in your life so you can strengthen your mind, body, and soul. There is only Christian music played in the gym. Come join me at The Sanctuary Gym and experience your faith meeting your fitness.





My overall goal is to change lives & improve the quality of those lives through health, fitness & balance. This will require a dynamic IMPACT and impact is my specialty. I am going to IMPACT your life both physically & mentally in order to create the changes that must happen to reach our goals. But you have to trust me. Trust my direction for you, & trust yourself that you will get there. Ill never say it's going to be easy, but it will be worth it. In order to have a successful transition to a healthier life I believe you have to work on the inside just as much as you work on the outside & that's exactly what we will do together. I have been a high level athlete my whole life. I am an IFBB Pro Women's Physique Competitor & a Competitive Jiu-jitsu fighter. I have trained many professional athletes & competitors alongside my normal clientele of everyday people striving for great health, fitness, & weight loss. Our Gym is extremely unique. So much more than external work is accomplished. People are improving & healing on the inside while they physically improve on the outside.

           Nutrition Consulting    -    Weightloss    

     Body Transformation    -    Body fat Management

 Strength and Conditioning   -    Sport Specific Movement




The hardest part of any fitness journey is making the decision to begin. The next step is determining EXACTLY what your goals are. I believe that exercise can be fun, innovative, exciting, & can ultimately help improve your overall quality of life. But as we all know, the completion of any journey requires planning. The best method of reaching any fitness goal is plotting out a course of action to get from point A (your starting point) to point B (your desired outcome). Together, we can apply the science to help you reach your goals.

             9+ Years in the fitness industry                           former army ranger

               Kinesiology Undergrad                                 cpr/aed/first aid certified

                           National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT

                         Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu &  Muay Thai




In 2011 I was hospitalized because the doctors thought I had a condition called sudden death syndrome. I was told I would never be able to do any athletic activities in fear that my heart might explode. After further testing, the doctors realized they made a mistake and the true diagnosis was gastroesophageal reflux disease & vocal cord dysfunction. The initial diagnosis always stuck with me as a possibility. Now I don’t take my body for granted & I live my life to the fullest. After I got back on my feet, I went on to be one of the top athletes in my school for track and field. I currently compete in Obstacle Course Racing & american Ninja Warrior. I implement the same philosophy for all of my clientele. Which is reigniting the belief that your ideal physique and athleticism are completely attainable. Together we can map out an intelligent & enjoyable program to help you reach your goals. Come say hello, as it would be a pleasure to meet you!

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED First Aid Certified       Specialty Certifications         Track and Field      Obstacle Course Racing           Ninja Warrior          Muscle Building          Fat Loss

Thomas Kozuch


Welcome to The Sanctuary. Inside these walls you will find all the tools required to sculpt and forge a new YOU. 

My goal is to teach and assist you along your journey. My experience in fitness involves gymnastics, weightlifting and long distance running. Creating and maintaining healthy thinking, eating, and exercise habits will be your keys to success. Together you and I will achieve results. See ya inside.

My belief is that today's athletes need to be both mentally & physically tough to become the athletes that they are capable of being. I believe that athletes need a genuine teacher & coach to understand the intensity, focus & attention to detail that it takes to develop the skills & work ethic needed to be successful.

Before coming to Texas I worked at Capture Athletics (Chaska, MN) where I worked with many athletes to achieve their goals of becoming better athletes. I played an integral role in the development of Capture Athletics, which currently has 50 athletes playing collegiate sports. 30 of those on college football rosters across the country. 15 of those athletes compete at the D1/D1AA levels, & has impacted hundreds of lives in Minnesota. Prior to being at Capture Athletics, I played a major role in developing the Saints Developmental Baseball & Softball programs for Saints.

        Sports Academy in Minnesota              ISSA CPT & YOUTH FITNESS TRAINER

          CPR/First aid certified                           Indoor football LB/DL (2 years)

                       B.S. Physical education, exercise science & wellness

                     University of North Dakota- football 4 year letter winner

                                            NCC Linebacker of the year 2006